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Created on 2009-05-05 04:12:07 (#289039), last updated 2012-08-29 (268 weeks ago)

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Name:Deaf community
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Welcome, this is the deaf community on dreamwidth. We're hoping to see it having many purposes, and that it will be a friendly space, first and foremost for people who identify as D/deaf or hard of hearing. We also welcome hearing interpreters, and hearing people who have interest in deaf cultures, but we'd like to remind the latter that this is primarily a space for deaf/hard of hearing people, and that we would appreciate if they check their privilege at the door.

That said, membership is, for the time being, open, and rules will be limited.
- 1: No deletion of entries, other people's comments, or your comments.
- 2: No soliciting, you might ask the mods, we will treat it in a case by case basis.
- 3: Check your various privileges and prejudices at the door, we will keep moderation as discrete as possible, but we ask you to reconsider your language if it is ableist, classist, homophobic, racist, sexist, transphobic...
- 4: There is fairly little topic to stay on, except for one thing: try to keep it tangentially related to the deaf community, thanks.

Note 1: as of now we only have the three founding members as admins. However, it is fairly likely we will eventually reconsider the number and composition of the admin team as the comm ages...
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