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First hearing aids - advice/experience?

I've been poked and prodded some more, and I now have an appointment for assessment/fitting to get my first pair of heading aids. And... I'm anxious as hell.

Some of it is how I grew up - my mother was in denial about my hearing issues so even having daily experience of things like struggling to follow teachers, and even now when I've been told by multiple professionals that I have scarring and a hole in my ears, I still feel like I'm making a fuss over nothing.

But just in general it feels like such a big thing. Anyone else have this when they got their first hearing aids?

I'm also looking for advice/tips. So far all I know is that they'll be behind-the-ear aids (NHS means limited options, I don't know any more specific than that yet.) Does anyone have any advice they've been given that helps? Anything you wish you'd been told when you started wearing them?
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Learning sign language.

Those of you who can sign, how did you learn? I'm hard of hearing and I'm starting to try and learn BSL. At the moment I'm going from videos and a book - classes are expensive, and they don't start until September anyway. It made me curious how everyone else learned.
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IRC rooms.

Does anyone know of sign language/Deaf oriented IRC rooms? I just did a google search and I can't find one at all.

Opening Post

So, hi, just to say welcome, this is your community, so if you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see, send them to us.